Biomedical Product Design

4D Products were delighted to present a 90 second ‘elevator pitch’ at the recent Bionow organised event at Sci-Tech Daresbury.

This was a great opportunity for us to pitch the benefits of our product development services. We have a long history of working on some of the regions most exciting new biomedical product design projects and systems, so it is great to meet with other professionals in the life science sector.

As residents of The Innovation Centre at the Sci-Tech campus, we are fortunate to work within an exciting community of  innovative science led businesses.

Bionow Awards 2014

I had a great evening at the Bionow Awards 2014 last night, attending with a delegation from The Innovation Centre. Congratulations to all the people and businesses nominated, and the winners themselves. There is a real buzz in the biotech industry in this region and many innovative technology’s and devices emerging. 4D Products are proud to be able to support such an innovative sector with our Product Design and Engineering services.

Great to see one of our customers, ChargePoint Technology getting the ‘Bionow product of the year’ award for their Aseptisafe Bio Valve.

Life Science Industry Magazine

It was great to see one of the medical devices we are involved with developing featured in a recent Life Science Industry Magazine.



Life Science Industry


Life Science Industry

4D’s clients in the press

Recently opening the Medilink newsletter I was pleasantly surprised to see two of our clients occupying a full page of the magazine.

We have worked with Advance Biomedical Solutions for several years to support the development of their technology platform “that dramatically speeds up the process of identifying infected surfaces within healthcare settings.” (Medilink News – May 2013)

More recently we have worked with Smartlife to design a new product which uses their protected on-body sensing technology. Its exciting stuff and we hope to be able to reveal more in the future!

medilink article

MEDTEK exhibition

4D visited the annual MEDTEK exhibition at the NEC. Highlights of the day?

  • Reclaiming 4 hours by using the train. Coffee, table, and a wireless connection (At a price!)
  • Some really impressive microfluidics manufacturing techniques
  • A ten minute ‘pay what you think it is worth’ back massage – Priceless!

Digital Healthcare

We attended the ‘Better Healthcare through digital technologies’ event at the Nowgen centre in Manchester.

Bringing together creative professionals and clinicians with real needs for better methods of patient care. A great forum for exploring new technological solutions in medicine. Lots of talk of remote, non-invasive patient monitoring.


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