Wavex Workout

4D Products has designed an exciting new portable system for fitness. The WAVEX microgym has support from regional business funding LCR4.0 which is intended to drive the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

In beta-test trials of the equipment, Wavex was put through its own workout. It gave a winning performance.

Personal Trainer and fitness guru Chris Hunt said; “As a personal trainer I have used many different pieces of equipment over the years. The Wavex has really impressed me on how easy it’s is to use and the vast amount of exercises you can do. I really like how with a few quick changes and you can go from performing deadlifts to a military press.”

He added; “I don’t just work in a gym, I also travel to clients’ houses, normally carrying a bag full of equipment dumbbells, resistance bands etc. But with the Wavex, I could easy take it with me and get the client to do a full body workout, doing almost exactly the same workout as I would have done but using one piece of equipment instead of five plus. I would highly recommend this product to anyone but I thinks it’s especially useful to anyone who travels a lot or for someone who has limited space at home. it’s light, easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space.”

Jane Roberts, who was also at the Wavex workout added; “A really well designed micro-multigym. Versatile, portable and a robust bit of kit for a full workout. I could use it in the gym, at home or on the move and it will be able to monitor my progress and set targets with its clever programming.”

Aeroplane-shaped swimming aid takes off


A unique aeroplane-shaped swimming aid’s sales have taken off for a Cheshire coach turned inventor. Chris Shore turned to Warrington based product designers 4D Products for help in designing and launching AquaPlane and now has the backing of Olympic and Commonwealth Games stars for his revolutionary aeroplane-shaped swimming aid, with sales already taking off in ToysR’Us.

P1010151Chris Shore from Weaverham near Northwich was frustrated with the limitations of armbands and other buoyancy aids while teaching youngsters how to swim. So the 28-year-old used his knowledge and experience in combination with 4D Products’ design and manufacturing skills to launch his own flotation device and AquaPlane was born.

“Nothing was giving my students the support they needed,” said Chris, who runs Cheshire-based Shore Swim club. There are many issues with swimming aids such as restricting a child’s movement, incorrect buoyancy levels and lowering a child’s confidence when the aids are removed. I wanted to take away these barriers to children learning. It was a challenge but I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to make a difference to young swimmers.”

AquaPlane is a unique three-in-one swimming aid covering all the main stages of swimming development which starts out as a back float. The product is also already used by other swim schools across the UK including Puddle Ducks, which teaches more than 20,000 children.

Commonwealth Games gold medallist and Olympian Chris Cook has endorsed AquaPlane and uses them at his own swim school. He said: “Our swimmers love the freedom the AquaPlane gives them in the water. It works wonders for their technique.”

Former British swimmer and Commonwealth Games finalist Dan Coombs also backs the device. “I use AquaPlane to help children increase confidence and adopt the correct body position when learning to swim,” said Dan.

Iain McCall, Co-Founder and Design Director for 4D Products said; “We wanted to design a multi-use product that appeals to children and parents and met the price when manufactured. To begin with, the AquaPlane flotation device is worn on the back, so the child is swimming in the correct position while practising all strokes including backstroke. It has a lower profile and is wider than other back floats giving children better balance when swimming on their backs. When the child is ready, the straps are taken off and it is used as a kick board to enhance stroke development. Later, it turns into a performance tool to build stamina and strength.

As the aid has multiple uses it saves instructors having to carry around and store lots of different equipment, which is proving a big selling point.” He added; “The design is internationally protected and complies with international safety standards too which means international sales are possible too.”

Jamie Gagnon from Scotland praised the “great design idea”. She said; “Until now my five-year-old has been swimming with arm floats, but I found she was reluctant to use her arms. I took her to the pool last night for the first time with AquaPlane and within 10 minutes she was swimming around confidently and using her arms. She loves it.”

Chris now hopes to expand his range of stockists and is also looking to sell overseas.

AquaPlane is for children aged three and over and is available in four vibrant colours for £24.99 from Argos, Toys R’Us and the AquaPlane website at www.aqua-plane.co.uk .


Photo: In use with older children. Chris Shore (left) and Dan Coombs (right) in the water.

North West Product Designers

4D Products were proud to represent the North West Product Designer community at the recent CTH Innovation Showcase event.



4D to exhibit at Innovation Showcase event

4D Products is delighted to be exhibiting some of our design work at the upcoming Campus Technology Hub Innovation Showcase event, so why not come along and say hello?

“The Campus Technology Hub (CTH) is opening it’s doors to the business community, individuals and entrepreneurs who require valuable support to develop their technology business or product. By utilising additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology to develop a successful prototype, CTH is the new route to commercial success.
This event is designed to help technology companies better understand the breadth of support available to them through collaboration with the Science and Technology Facilities Council and partner organisations.”


Register to attend at www.cthshowcase.eventbrite.co.uk



Growing our Supply Chain

4D Staff had an interesting visit to the North West Manufacturing Exhibition at Event City, Manchester, uncovered a raft of potential new suppliers this week.

At 4D we are constantly challenged to design new and innovative products. This is all very well and good, but without quality suppliers in a wide range of manufacturing disciplines, our designs would never be realised. We know the importance of the supply chain and are always on the look out to expand our supplier base.

The most common manufacturing processes we design for at 4D are injection moulding and CNC machining (in metals and plastics). However we also use electronic and PCB designers, laser cutters, chemical etchers, and many more fantastic suppliers base in the UK and overseas.

Swimming Product Launch


A fantastic new product is coming to a swimming pool near you…

The AquaPlane swimming aid was invented by Chris, a qualified swimming instructor who wanted to develop an innovative new, multi purpose swimming float.

4D Products are delighted to have assisted with design of the product, branding, and packaging.

We were also involved in managing the safety approval testing, an manufacturing liaison.

For pre orders and more information on this swimming product launch, please visit aqua-plane.com

New Product Launch

We are delighted to announce a new product from our design studio has been launched. The Sabre tattoo machine is the result of an innovative collaboaration between tattoo equipment supplier, tattoo artists, and our design and engineering team.

The experts at Sabre had a vision to develop the best tattoo machine money could buy.

The Sabre uses the best motor on the market, and is assembled by 4D Products in the UK.


3D CAD Design

Whilst 3D CAD isn’t the source of a new design, it’s certainly an indispensable tool for developing the concept into a manufacturable design. We use Solidworks for in house design projects, but there are other packages available.

One of our clients recently invested in Creo, as their parent company had been using this system (previously Pro/Engineer) for some time.

In the interest of providing the best possible service to our customers, I attended a 3 day Creo training course, aimed at familiarising existing CAD users with the Creo interface and modelling process.

I was a little wary that with many years experience of Solidworks, I would be a novice again using Creo. Actually there are many more similarities than differences between the two packages. There are some really nice tools in Creo, the live preview as you create a new feature is really useful. I cant see us swapping our in house CAD system, but I can see either package offers a professional designer a very similar suite of tools and features. Of course a good designer should be able to create fantastic results using any one of the high end CAD packages, the real creativity comes from the design team and process, not a piece of software!

Product Design Top Tips

The recent success of BlackBerry’s BB10 line, with devices flaunting a revolutionary design face-lift, highlights the importance of good product design. It seems the fresher, sleeker-looking handsets have also played a great part in the firm’s rise in share price; from $6.31 in September to today’s comparatively lofty price-tag of $13.20; showing how good design can yield a great return on investment.

The cumbersome shape of older generation handsets has often prevented the company from competing with the forward-thinking designs of competitors; however, Blackberry appears to have learned from past mistakes and created a line of devices that is set to shake up the mobile hierarchy.

This success, combined with the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S4, has yet again turned the spotlight on product design as a whole, focusing on its importance and the effect it can have on the success of a product.

Drawing on past experiences – good and bad – 4D Products, have compiled 10 product design top tips for trailblazing product design;

1 – Research existing products and existing solutions

It is rare to work on a project where there are no alternative solutions on the market. If you can identify an area where current products are Read the rest of this entry »

New Product, Great New Video

We are very excited to see the Football Flick URBAN product used brilliantly by World champion freestyle footballer, John Farnworth. Exciting times for our client, iControl Sports Distribution.

Football Flick Urban with World Champion John Farnworth from footballflick on Vimeo.


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