Design Services Expanding

We have recently expanded our Design Services to include batch assembly of new products we have designed. This move was driven by customers wishing to bridge a gap between one off prototypes, and being able to deliver smaller batches of product to their customers.

This has been of particular interest to businesses who outsource manufacture, or are moving into the supply of their own products to complement their existing business model.

Client Feedback

Our ongoing success depends greatly on delivering customer satisfaction. We recently had the following client feedback;

Over the last couple of years 4D have provided great service and working with them has been a very pleasant experience. 4D’s design and cads skills are second to none, their passion for what they do is evident and their input has been nothing less than superb. I thoroughly recommend 4D to any business looking for cost effective, top class design input.
Andrew Lomax
Director – Maxim Product Solutions Limited

4D in Daily Post

Liverpool Daily Post – 17th September 2010

“OVER the past 2 years many businesses have noticed a fall in revenue due to the global recession.
Manufacturing has been particularly hard hit as consumers become more selective about what they are prepared to purchase. In such times people really ask questions of the products they buy, looking for value and quality. Read the rest of this entry »

Design Week Insight

James was recently asked to contribute some thoughts on clients and the designers relationship with clients. 12 years Design Consultancy experience informed the article which appears in Design Week 5th August 2010.

Design Week Insight by 4D Products

Read the rest of this entry »


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