Electrical Test Equipment Design

The PDS Insight™ is the world’s first handheld On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) test unit supplied with a dedicated asset management tablet application – the OLPD Manager™ app.

The Background

HVPD are experts in the growing industry of on-line partial discharge (OLPD) condition monitoring of in-service, medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) networks. They offer a complete range of OLPD diagnostic test and monitoring equipment to provide an ‘early warning’ of ‘incipient’ high voltage insulation faults.


The Design Phase

When HVPD decided it was time to update their existing PD Surveyor product, 4D Products were appointed as Product Design Consultants to the project. We worked closely with the in house engineering team to realise their vision for a class leading, ergonomic, rugged device.

This project wasn’t a refresh, the product was re imagined from the ground up to include new functionality, features, and custom built fault monitoring and data logging software.

Services provided by 4D included Conceptual Design, 3D CAD Design, Prototype Supply, creation of Manufacturing Data, and Manufacturing liaison. The handheld unit has been further enhanced with the addition of a duel function charging dock and calibration unit, and custom designed hard carry case, which keeps the engineers kit safe and sound in transit.

The Result

“The PDS Insight™ represents a large leap forward in terms of handheld partial discharge test technology available in the market, it being the first handheld supplied with an accompanying data collection and analysis tablet PC application, the OLPD Manager™ app. With a built-in barcode scanner and unique point of attachment (POA) barcode labels, the new unit heralds a new generation of handheld OLPD test technology where measurement data can be automatically collected, downloaded and analysed quickly and easily using the OLPD Manager™ app on the supplied Android ™ tablet PC”

– Dr Lee Renforth, Managing Director