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The UNIQUE 4D Guarantee – We will deliver what we promise. Or your money back.

Unless you have a continual need for product design in house, it may be more appropriate to subcontract this function on an ‘as needed’ basis to a dependable, creative, results driven design team. This is how we work with many clients who engage in a product development process, but do not have an in-house team.

Set us a brief, tell us when it needs to be delivered, and we’ll do the rest.

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STEP 1 – Get in touch with 4D and explain your requirements. We usually sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at this time.

STEP 2 – When we understand what you need, we will create a Written Proposal which details each stage of the design process that we would recommend you undertake, how much this will cost, and how long it will take.

STEP 3 – You can commission us to deliver one stage at a time, so you remain In Control of your budget.

STEP 4 – We work very hard to deliver work that exceeds your expectations and delivers value to your business.

STEP 5 – Any Intellectual Property generated by 4D Products is owned by you.


Per hour it will probably cost more to outsource than you would pay an employee. However you have a fixed price budget from day one. No need to manage employees, no employment contracts, no sick pay, no holiday pay, no pension scheme, no software or IT bills. When you need us, we are there. When you don’t, it won’t cost you a penny.

This is also a great solution for technology start ups, who need a fully functioning design resource for a short burst of activity or on a project by project basis.



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  • discuss costs and timescales
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