Very Good Designer With Industry Experience?

WE ARE RECRUITING! If you are a very good designer with proven industry experience designing exciting, technically challenging products for mass production, we would love to hear from you. Please send over your portfolio!

Student Or Graduate?

We know its tough to get a break in the design industry.

If you have recently graduated, and are exceptional at what you do, then feel free to send us examples of your work, we may need your skills!

We arent currently offering placements / internships to undergraduates. Sorry guys, get your degree finished, make sure you can draw very well and use Solidworks, then maybe we can talk.

We cant offer work experience to school children or people with no prior design training.




Long Term Relationships

A long-term relationship with¬†Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd.¬†for water treatment has seen product design specialists 4D Products develop several new products […]

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Wavex Workout

4D Products has designed an exciting new portable system for fitness. The WAVEX microgym has support from regional business funding […]

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A Walk In The Dark

Ask yourself, where was I on the evening of the 28th April? If the answer wasnt “Doing a charity walk […]

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