Design Team

Iain          Iain McCall

Iain has over 20 years of industry experience spanning engineering and product design. The first part of his career was spent at GEC Traction, developing and building electrical control equipment for the rail industry, destined for many locations globally.

After achieving a first Class honors degree in Industrial Design, he worked in consultancy for several years before co founding 4D Products in 2008. Since then he has worked on a vast range of product development projects destined for many diverse industry sectors.



 james1-300         James Bell

James has enjoyed the exciting and varied privilege of helping businesses large and small develop innovative and desirable products in design consultancy studios. Since 1999 after graduating from University, he has delivered a variety of projects from the first BT Internet kiosks to technical, medical and laboratory products that have increased efficiency and profitability and more importantly helped save people’s lives.

Several of James’ designs have been recognised with international awards. An entrepreneur at heart, James has successfully created a collection of his own products which he licenses and sells in department stores across the UK and globally via the World Wide Web.

James has an eye for detail, great interpersonal skills and enjoys long standing relationships with many clients. James’ motivation is that good design is an investment that pays dividends and makes a real difference to business. Design isn’t just part of a product it is what makes a product a success and James sees his role in shaping products a real privilege.



Neil Sholes          Neil Sholes

Neil has over 10 years Industry experience across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. After graduation with a 1st class Degree in Industrial Design, he worked designing children’s toys under licenses such as Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam , Disney Princess, Little Tikes and Fisherprice, and worked closely with Licensors, retailers and Chinese factories delivering award winning products.

Neil furthered his career at Europe’s largest decontamination equipment manufacturer where he oversaw the company’s R&D, new product development and testing bringing patented new technologies to market.



David Littlefair          David Littlefair

I’m a 26 year old Product Designer, with an ardour for comics, sports and gaming. Design became a huge part of my life immediately upon discovery of it; having never seen it written down, I’d no idea of its existence until I was looking to change my career path and discovered it on a prospectus for UCLan, the university I then went on to study at. Since then design has become a major part of my life, and in joining 4D, my zealousness for all aspects of the process has only increased.

I particularly enjoy the concept stage of design; getting to throw ideas at my team mates, putting them down on paper, and communicating all this with the customer through digital sketching and rendering. I have been privileged enough to land myself a perfect first job, and my skill set has been broadened at 4D because of the expansive knowledge of the team I’m a part of, the large variety of projects I work on, and the responsibility I get at all stages of the project.



Adam Baragwanath          Adam Baragwanath

I’m a 21-year-old product designer with a 1st class honours degree in the subject. In a short career, I consider my greatest achievement to be finding myself working in a design studio, where I can wake up enthusiastic each day about the chance to create something great. With personal strengths in 3D rendering and visualisation, I get to come to work surrounded by talented people with the same love for the process that I have.

I always strive to make the next project, the best project I’ve ever worked on.




Mechanical Engineer          Mark Button

I am a graduate of Staffordshire University, when Universities were Polytechnics and Log tables were still being used, graduating with a degree in Mechanical Design Engineering.

I have accumulated 25 years of experience in many engineering sectors, including designing in steel, plastic and composite production, post processing.

I have had the pleasure of working with agricultural vehicle companies such as JCB, Caterpillar, and Case.

Projects included the translation of metal fuel, oil and water tanks into rotational moulded plastic tanks, which weighed a third of the weight, were TUV Fire and impact tested and proven to be cleaner, safer and cheaper to make. These are now an industry standard.

I have worked on large assemblies for the gas and oil industry, designing well face equipment and pipe handling movement equipment for drilling pipes up to 12 meters long and equipment up to 20,000 tonnes.

Using gas and oil skills in the renewable energy industry, designing ship mounted and mobile jack up drilling equipment essential in the placement of offshore wind turbine systems. Projects include an articulated drill for tapered foundations, which drilled 6 Meter diameter holes using drives which supplied 1100KNm of torque and 500 Tonnes of pull back force.

Used calculations and FEA for the industry and gained DNV certification for products, some being placed in ATEX 1 and 2 areas.

I have designed a submersible and reusable connector assembly for offshore wind farms. The connector was 1.2 Meters in diameter and was” unplugged” with hydraulics. It had to be capable of safely coping with, 690 volts 3 phase, 1.5 MWatt output, 240 Volt AC Control voltage and 48 fibre optic connections. The design reduced unplugging operation time from 12 hours to 2 hours, and improved the safety of operations.

I have designed Carbon Fibre forming tools and jigs for a start up business. Using a “Clean sheet” design for the entire production process and testing. Production started within 6 months.  The company has subsequently taken over work for MRA scanning systems, produced body work parts for the touring cars, technical parts for formula1 cars and recently the produced the bicycles which propelled the England team to victory in the Rio Olympics.

I have been working with 4D Products since 2009 bringing a broad range of production processes, practical engineering experience, coffee making skills and an enthusiasm for making things work.


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