Design Challenge

Our recent offer to fellow residents at Daresbury Innovation Centre for Product Design assistance is now fully booked. We had asked…

Why would any business spend their money on product design during a recession?

A lot of businesses are unconvinced of the the value of good design. They may view it as a bolt on activity if the budget allows. A luxury rather than a necessity.

4D Products would like the opportunity to challenge that perception and explain how product design can;

· Save you money

· Help you to stand out from the crowd

· Help you to exceed your customers expectations

· De-risk the whole product development process

· Be in a strong position when the recession ends

For one day only we are running a FREE one-to-one service at Daresbury Innovation Centre to offer confidential (under NDA), no obligation design input into your development project, at whatever stage it may be at.

Ask us a question, get an impartial opinion or advice, challenge us to demonstrate the value of design.

If you would like to benefit from access to over 20 years of product design experience, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Virtual engineering tools

Improving real products with virtual design tools

We constantly work to stay at the cutting edge of design and technology. Our location within the Daresbury Innovation Centre means we regularly interact with cutting edge businesses and technologists.

Virtual design tools such as 3D CAD are widely used by designers and engineers. At 4D Products we work with the Virtual Engineering Centre to utilise high end virtual technology, usually only used by large international manufacturing organisations.

When a product is designed, the ergonomic considerations can be key to its success or failure. Imagine a car where the gear stick is out of reach, or the instrument panel cannot be viewed properly. Large products can be very expensive and time consuming to prototype, especially if you need to go through several iterations. We can now virtually prototype a design straight from our 3D CAD data. Using anatomically correct animated mannequins and environments, we are able to measure the users interaction with the product. This offers real time feedback and highlights any issues with user interaction, ergonomics, reach, potential for injury, and safe working practices.

4D Products are really excited to utlilise this cutting edge technology and the support of the centre to feed directly into our design work. We can evaluate a design in an engaging 3D environment on a 6 metre wide display screen, which can also track the viewers movements, and provide haptic* feedback. A wide array of simulation tools can also be used to investigate such things as heat and fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis.

Great design results from an ongoing process of feedback and optimisation. These virtual engineering tools help us to deliver great results for our clients and stay at the cutting edge of design.

*Haptic devices allow the user to feel the forces and vibrations within a virtual assembly

Snapswall Product Launch

4D Products are proud to announce the launch of their innovative new photo display system – Snapswall

Snapswall Photo Display System

Please visit to see some great images of the product and how it is used to display your favourite photos. Snapswall was designed in our own studio and is manufactured right here in the UK. Read the rest of this entry »

The cost of employment

If you were to employ a good designer, how much would it cost? Read the rest of this entry »

Attention all brand owners!

You have worked hard to create a unique product or service.
We work with brand owners to create new business opportunities through the development of innovative new products that people want to buy.

If you have an idea for a new product or want us to work with you to explore where your next opportunity lies, then get in touch for a no obligation, confidential discussion with experienced designers.

Call us today on 0151 3240038

Help for inventors

The UK is full of garden shed inventors and innovators. It is no surprise that the industrial revolution started here!

The biggest barrier for the private inventor is usually the financial investment required to get a product to market. ‘No one else is making it’ is not always a good argument as to why you should make it. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Consultancy

In conjunction with Medilink North West, 4D Products are happy to announce a new initiative for members.

Contact us now if you would like one hours free no obligation consultancy to discuss your product development requirements with experienced product designers. We have experience in all aspects of the design of new products and devices from idea, to design, to prototype, to manufacture with market leading clients.


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