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When things get a little more technical, it’s time to call in the design engineers!

In reality there is a large cross over between the work done by product designers and design engineers. Sometimes it’s just the job title itself. Dyson employs design engineers, many of whom studied product design.

Most of the projects we are involved with have significant technical content. That could be electronics, complex mechanical or optical systems, or a bio-chemical reaction. We are highly experienced in working alongside technically specialised people from a range of industries.

Whilst the first steps of the design process are often conceptual, what will my product look like? How will the user interact with it? There is usually more time and effort put into making the initial concept work, to ‘engineer’ it for manufacture.

So at 4D Products we spend a lot of our time developing our initial ideas for prototype, and on to production. Much of this is done in the 3D CAD environment, driven by our knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. 2D engineering drawings are still of great importance as this is where you add details such as specific material type, manufacturing tolerances, and surface finishes. The engineering drawing also gives you something to inspect the part against for quality control purposes.

If there is a new piece of technology within the product, it is often of great importance to design and build test rigs as part of the development process. This is also something we can do for you.

If you need experienced designers who are comfortable with the technical details, then give us a call.


STEP 1 – Get in touch with 4D and explain your requirements. If you need us to sign a non disclosure agreement to protect your unique idea, that’s fine.

STEP 2 – When we understand what you need, we will create a written proposal which details each stage of the design process that we would recommend you undertake, how much this will cost, and how long it will take.

STEP 3 – You can commission us to deliver one stage at a time, so you remain in control of your budget.

STEP 4 – We work very hard to deliver work that exceeds your expectations and delivers value to your business.

STEP 5 – Any IP generated is wholly assigned to you when the work has been completed and paid for.

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